Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beautiful award

I received today another award and a....challenge, a beautiful challenge from Mrs. Maria Mihalache
Thank you very much! It is sounds like that...which are the first 10 things that make me happy!!!
Let`s see:
1.Thanks to God I am alive, every day, every minute.
2. The love of my mum. A beautiful person in my life, even now is very far away.
3. My husband, the most kind person ever met.
4.My entire family:brothers, nephew,aunts, uncles. They are great !
5.The spring time. The most beautiful season for me!
6.My friends... they accept as I am. Thanks a lot.
7.To learn all the time new things.
8.The children ...the wonderful small person...
9.A flower, a smile, a greetings card, a phone...
1o.Travelling, to meet another persons and culture.

I offer this award and challenge to two wonderful persons:

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